Physical health and spiritual well-being are often treated as two entirely separate subjects,

but as a cardiologist, I know they are related much more than most people believe. In my latest book, It’s Always the Heart™, I argue that development of spiritual fitness is just as important as any exercise regimen or whole-foods diet.

I’ve been trained to help patients navigate the treatment of the physical heart. Even so, early in my career, God revealed an insight not taught in any medical school or cardiology textbook that radically changed my approach to treating patients.

He revealed there is an inseparable binding of the physical and spiritual hearts. Whether or not it is the physical heart causing the symptoms, the spiritual heart must be addressed before complete healing can occur.

With equal measures of diet and exercise information and Bible-based inspiration, It’s Always the Heart™ offers valuable, life-changing insights into the prevention of and recovery from heart disease from the clinical and spiritual points of view. Using a compilation of patient stories, it’s my hope that I provide meaningful ideas on how we can change our hearts to receive the physical and spiritual hearts needed to enjoy’ the life God wants us to have.

The companion study guide, It's Always the Heart Bible Study Guide™ provides insightful questions and thought provoking references to help commit change of heart to daily life.


What others are saying about It's Always the Heart™...


"Clarity and conviction make this guide to heart health through spiritual practice a convincing read."  —Elizabeth Millard


“I am blown away with this book. I have read so many Christian and health books and I have never read anything like this…He shows where in the Bible God addresses our responsibility to take care of our bodies.”   —Stephanie Boulouki

"No matter the circumstance, Constantine shows what many of his patients have discovered – somehow, it’s always about the heart. I strongly recommend the book for all who have been there in the cardiologist’s office or worse still under his or her watchful eye during an operation on their heart. Also highly recommended for all counselors, especially in Christian counseling ministry. It would be a bonus for pastors, too."   —Ken B. Godeveno