Doctor’s Orders

I understand how scary it is to be faced with weakened and vulnerable health caused by heart problems. I’ve seen first-hand the powerful connection between the spiritual heart and the physical heart. 

I can also understand how one can harbor anxiety about a family history of heart problems. I’ve seen how this fear can convince an individual that they too have the problem of their family—even when there is evidence to the contrary!

It's Always the Heart book by Arthur Constantine

But, here is how you can start living your healthiest life, physically and spiritually...TODAY!

  1. Acknowledge the connection between the physical and spiritual heart.

  2. Learn how to be a better steward of the body God has given you.

  3. Commit to a healthy physical and spiritual lifestyle regimen.

Learn how to do all this and more in my latest book and companion study guide!

It's Always the Heart

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Learn how to take better care of the body God has given you!

It's Always the Heart - The spiritual heart must be addressed before complete healing can occur.