Heart Health Lessons Women Taught Me

Women's History Month has been a great time for us to reflect on the impact that women have had on hearts around the world. It's been full of encouraging stories marked by courage and love. We've learned how a healthy heart can truly make an impact on the world around us and the people in our lives. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the women in my life for the inspiration that they are to me on a daily basis. Your hearts are strong, beautiful, and brave. 

Because this has been such a great series, I wanted to highlight some very important things that all of us should remember when it comes to our heart health. Check out the list below for some important reminders exampled to us by women across the world about heart health. 

Heart Health Lessons Women Taught Me

1. When we have healthy spiritual hearts, we impact others

2. We must focus on maintaining our heart health, not just treating sickness

3. A strong heart can rejoice in the midst of difficult situations

4. We must be determined about your heart health

5. A compassionate heart will relieve the suffering of others

6. Self discipline is the first step towards heart health 

7. A hopeful heart has a purpose for the future

8. A faithful heart always wins

9. Proper nutrition is the first line of defense to foster good heart health

10. Forgiveness is part of heart health

11. Community is key to achieving and maintaining health

12. Do not let your heart grow weary…Perseverance is a discipline of the heart that anchors you in the face of adversity. Develop it for a healthy heart

13. The heart of a warrior sees past personal battles and fights for the future of others. 

14. A kind heart gives guidance to others

15. A faithful heart is beautiful