Grocery Shopping For The Heart

As the primary grocery shopper and preparer of our meals at home, I have a heart to feed my family well with nutritious food that also tastes good.  I learned quickly from my husband, Arthur, that skipping meals and/or eating "low fat" or "non fat" versions of "food" did not help me have energy or lose weight.  I would skip breakfast thinking I was getting a head start on burning calories, only to eat much more later in the day to make up for what I had missed earlier.  I was eating "non fat" yogurt and ice cream and "healthy" bars etc.  I would see Arthur eating a lot of fruit - he loves oranges and bananas and other easy to eat snacks.  I would wonder why eating these so called "foods" that had the same caloric content as say an apple was not metabolized the same way.

You will get the vitamins and minerals your body craves, and you will look and feel your best.

I began to make a list of good food - from the sources that God made for us and then prepare my meals accordingly.  At the grocery store, I rely on different fruits and vegetables and a lot of packaged salad greens.  Heading then to the meat department I buy grass fed beef, chicken hopefully without hormones and wild caught fish such as salmon and orange roughy.  I do buy pasta and rice and some packaged food, but those that are not pre- prepared or frozen.  So instead of say Stouffers lasagna, I will make it myself so I know what is going in to the recipe.  I don't say – “oh that’s too fattening” - like butter and cheese.  Instead, I say, “If God made it, then we eat it”!   And I believe it is the packaged "non food" items that cause weight gain, inflammation and fatigue.  They also do not provide any nutrients that your body needs.  Buying and preparing "real food" doesn't take much time.  Keep recipes simple or just make grilled chicken with salad and a potato.  You can even put a bit of butter and sour cream on your potato and it will be healthier than french fries from the drive through.  You will get the vitamins and minerals your body craves, and you will look and feel your best.  

From my heart to yours,

Mary Constantine