A Spiritual Heart Health Tip for Women

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By now, it’s common knowledge that heart health should be taken seriously. But, what we often don’t recognize is the connection between the spiritual state of the heart and the impact it has upon our physical heart health. Here is something you can do TODAY to improve your spiritual heart health while treating and healing the physical state of your heart, too.

Women are eternal caretakers.

Work to Manage Stress & Negative Situations in a Positive Way

Women are eternal caretakers. From children to friends and spouses, you are sometimes the glue that holds us all together. Thank you for that! But, this can take a toll on you! The pressure of “taking care of” everything can negatively impact your health.

Often, in order to deal with the stress in our lives, we sometimes tend to adopt bad habits like smoking, drinking excessively, overeating or undereating. Instead, we should work to manage stress in a more positive way by practicing positive self-talk, engaging in a hobby, or even going for a walk. You’ll find it amazing how much these small things can do for an over-stressed mom, friend, sister, employee, or wife.

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