Love Is Good for Your Heart

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You ever wonder why the Bible is always putting such a high important on love? It tells us that God loved us so much that He gave. It says that perfect love casts out all fear, and Paul teaches us that our love should be kind, patient, and forgiving. Out of a heart of love, we give, we comfort, we forgive. But did you know when we walk in that pure spiritual love the Bible teaches that our physical heart also benefits? 

According to, there are 7 reasons love is good for the heart.

  1. It lowers blood pressure

    Researchers found that people who spend time with their romantic partners experience a greater dip in their blood pressure than when they spend time with a stranger.

  2. It makes your heart stronger

    When you connect with the love of your life, your brain releases hormones that make your heart beat faster and stronger, and these quick spikes can train your heart to pump blood more efficiently.

  3. Hugs are good for your heart

    When you hug someone you love, your body releases a hormone that has the power to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

  4. Laughter makes your blood flow more freely

    Laughter can causes your blood vessels to expand, which is similar to the benefit you experience with aerobic exercise.

  5. Love letters can lower cholesterol

    Spending 20 minutes writing about your affection for a loved one helps you experience drops in your total cholesterol

  6. A positive attitude reduces heart attack risk

    People who feel joy, happiness, contentment, or excitement more often have a lower risk for cardiovascular disease.

  7. Holding hands calms nerves

    Holding hands with your loved one can help to reduce the brain activity associated with stress and anxiety.

    Even though Valentine’s Day is over, practice purposefully loving those around you. It’s good for your heart!

Practice purposefully loving those around you!